Senedd Cymru Petition / Deiseb Senedd Cymru

Wow, what an incredible reaction we are having to the launch of our petition. As I’m writing this we are getting about a signature a minute!

Protect the people of Wales – Take urgent action on the housing crisis now.

Please sign and don’t forget to share! We need 10,000 signatures which is an awful lot! Thank you so much for your support.

Waw, da ni wedi cael ymateb anhygoel ar ôl lansio ein deiseb. Wrth ysgrifennu hwn rydym yn cael tua llofnod y funud!

Amddiffynnwch bobl Cymru – cymerwch gamau brys ar yr argyfwng tai nawr.

Llofnodwch a pheidiwch ag anghofio rhannu! Mae angen 10,000 o lofnodion arnom! Diolch o galon am eich cefnogaeth.

Local people are being priced out of their own communities. This is destroying our culture and language. Simply building more houses is not enough.

We call for a fundamental rethink of policy to prioritise the social, cultural and economic needs of the people of Wales in line with Cymraeg 2050 and the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Give people a say on solving our housing crisis: implement the eight demands of the Housing Justice Charter and set up a Citizens Assembly to drive change.

Covid has shown the need for decisive Welsh Government action to deal with a major crisis. Urgent action is needed now to address our housing crisis, before local cultures and language are lost and an out of control housing market destroys urban and rural Welsh communities.

The Housing Justice Charter group is a non-party political collaboration from across Wales. We researched all the issues and solutions proposed by others and summed them up in eight achievable and positive areas for action.

Implement the Charter’s demands; use a Citizens Assembly to drive the change:

1. Declare a housing emergency in Wales
2 Create a bill to address housing inequality.
3. Protect our communities; rural and urban.
4. Protect Welsh Language and culture.
5. Reform social housing provision.
6 Urgently address the pressing issue of second home ownership.
7. Reform planning laws to respond to local housing needs.
8. Create a citizens assembly on housing.

For more on each demand see


Protect the people of Wales – Take urgent action on the housing crisis now – Petitions (

Mae Covid-19 wedi dangos yr angen am gamau gweithredu pendant gan Lywodraeth Cymru i fynd i’r afael ag argyfwng mawr. Mae angen gweithredu ar frys nawr i fynd i’r afael â’n hargyfwng tai, cyn i ddiwylliannau lleol a’r Gymraeg gael eu colli a chyn i farchnad dai ddireolaeth ddinistrio cymunedau trefol a gwledig Cymru.

Mae’r grŵp Siarter Cyfiawnder Cartrefi yn gydweithrediad gwleidyddol di-blaid ar draws Cymru. Gwnaethom ymchwilio i’r holl faterion a’r atebion a gynigiwyd gan eraill a’u crynhoi mewn wyth maes cyflawnadwy a chadarnhaol ar gyfer gweithredu.

Gweithredu gofynion y Siarter; defnyddio Cynulliad Dinasyddion i sbarduno’r newid:
1. Datgan argyfwng tai yng Nghymru
2. Creu bil i fynd i’r afael ag anghydraddoldeb tai.
3. Amddiffyn ein cymunedau; rhai gwledig a threfol.
4. Amddiffyn y Gymraeg a diwylliant Cymru.
5. Diwygio darpariaeth tai cymdeithasol.
6. Mynd i’r afael â’r mater dybryd perchnogaeth ail gartrefi ar frys.
7. Diwygio cyfreithiau cynllunio i ymateb i anghenion tai lleol.
8. Creu Cynulliad Dinasyddion ar dai.

I gael mwy o wybodaeth am bob gofyniad, ewch i

Amddiffynnwch bobl Cymru – cymerwch gamau brys ar yr argyfwng tai nawr – Deisebau (


6 thoughts on “Senedd Cymru Petition / Deiseb Senedd Cymru

  1. well worded petition and demands, states the principles and leaves the methods to Trafodwn, deliberative democracy such as citizens assemblies or juries. This is the way to go, if government would trust and empower its people to decide in the light of full information and deliberation.

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  2. Herewith a letter from Llyr ap Rhisiart, of Antur Aelhaearn, to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Commissioner (?), which chimes perfectly with our aims and approach. Llyr aims to join us on 09/09.Dyma llythyr gan Llyr ap Rhisiart o Antur Aelhaearn i Gomisiynnydd WFG, sy’n ffitio’n berffaith efo ein syniadau. Mae Llyr am ymuno a cyfarfod y 9/9.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android —– Forwarded message —– From: “LLyr ap Rhisiart” To: “david morgan” Cc: Sent: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 at 12:19 Subject: Re: 7.30pm – 09/09: Gwahoddiad i gyfarfod i Ymgyrchwyr yr Argyfwng Tai | Campaigners’ Meeting on the Housing Crisis er diddordeb efallai mi yrrais yr isod ir comisiynydd ddechrau’r flwyddyn. Yr ymateb oedd i mi drafod gyda’r cyngor. Bu mi wneud hynny a chael ymateb eithaf cadarnhaol ond mae yna rwystrau gyda’r amserlen.    Dear Commissioner, I am writing to highlight with you the very real crisis that rural communities of North West Wales are facing. The problem of local people being unable to afford to rent or buy a house in their local communities is a long standing issue. The recent figures show that 40% of houses bought in Gwynedd in the last year are to be used as second homes or holiday let. The COVID 19 pandemic is likely to instigate a further increase in demand on housing in rural communities further overheating the housing market locally. This is no longer a problem exclusively for the low paid but also for those who earn twice or even three times the average wage here in Gwynedd.             It is now obvious that the situation has to change if we are to safeguard our Welsh speaking communities from further de population and erosion of our language and culture. The language is the nation’s biggest treasure and if we are to safeguard our language and those communities where the language is a living language then radical solutions are required.     I am conscious that the planning law in Wales does not extend the powers required to achieve these goals for us at the moment. However we are of the view that the Future Generations Act as a World renowned piece of legislation could provide us with a voice in the process of bringing change to the status quo.  I must admit, when the last assessment of the county’s well being I did not take much notice of the process and sadly in most situations my fellow citizens did not engage sufficiently in the process either. The Llyn Peninsula returned 75 responses in total. I’m convinced we could do better than this if the process is promoted sufficiently by the Local Authority but also by the full engagement of the local communities. As a way forward we would appreciate some guidance and clarity to the following questions;  1. Would it be possible for us to conduct our own assessment of Well Being in our locality and could this be led by community groups of community / Town councils?2. Would it be possible for us to create our own citizens assembly to gather ideas on possible resolutions? 3.Would the Future Generations office be able to assist us in the process and could the final report of our findings be presented to the local and national government ? 4. Would the commissioner be able to bring some persuasion  on the political parties within the Senedd to form a cross party commission to look at this urgent issue? 5. What is the commissioner’s view on current planning law in Wales? Does the planning act support the goals and aims of the Well Being and Future Generations Act and do Local Authorities place sufficient weight to the Act when considering planning issues in general?    We would like to extend an invitation to the commissioner to meet (virtually) with a small group of concerned citizens who are deeply troubled by our situation to resolve this long standing issue. We would greatly appreciate if his could be arranged.  Best wishes, and thank you in advance.  LLyr ap Rhisiart (Chair Antur Aelhaearn) 


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