Templates to fill in 3 important Welsh Government consultations. Templedi i lenwi 3 ymgynghoriad pwysig gan Lywodraeth Cymru.

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To receive an email with this information in the form of Google documents so you can copy and paste, please email; siartercartrefi@gmail.com

I dderbyn e-bost gyda’r wybodaeth hon ar ffurf dogfennau Google fel y gallwch gopïo a gludo, anfonwch e-bost at; siartercartrefi@gmail.com

Dyma gamau i’ch helpu i lenwi’r 3 ymghynghoriad 1️⃣, 2️⃣ a 3️⃣ a chofiwch lenwi’r bocsys sydd gyda chroesau coch gyda’ch enw a’ch manylion cyswllt.

Here are the steps to help you fill in the 3 consultations, remember to fill in the boxes with the red crosses with your name and contact details.

HOUSING CRISIS CONSULTATION templates – Deadlines 22nd February and 28th March.

Every response is counted – please send a response in!! We desperately need support for these quite promising proposals by Welsh Government.

The Welsh government is consulting on plans to deal with the housing crisis.

A quarter of all people in Wales and a third of all children already live poverty. The worst figures in the UK and its linked to housing costs.

Feel free to use these really useful templates from below  – follow link for Welsh or English versions:

Mae pob ymateb yn cael ei gyfrif – anfonwch ymateb i mewn!! Mae gwir angen cefnogaeth arnom i’r cynigion eithaf addawol hyn gan Lywodraeth Cymru.

Mae llywodraeth Cymru yn ymgynghori ar gynlluniau i ddelio â’r argyfwng tai.

Mae chwarter yr holl bobl yng Nghymru a thraean o’r holl blant eisoes yn byw tlodi. Y ffigurau gwaethaf yn y DU a’r ffigurau sy’n gysylltiedig â chostau tai.

Mae croeso i chi ddefnyddio’r templedi defnyddiol iawn isod – dilynwch y ddolen ar gyfer fersiynau Cymraeg neu Saesneg:

1. Consultation on planning legislation and policy for second homes & short-term holiday lets

email response form to: planconsultations-j@llyw.cymru

DEADLINE: 22nd February.

2. Local variation to land transaction tax rates for second homes, short-term holiday lets and potentially other additional residential properties

email response form to: TTT@llyw consultation.Cymru

DEADLINE: 22nd February.

3. Welsh language communities housing plan consultation

email response form to: unedIaithWelshLanguageUnit@gov.wales

DEADLINE: 28th March.

The future of our communities, our economy and our language is in your hands.

Mae dyfodol ein cymunedau, ein heconomi a’n hiaith yn eich dwylo chi.

Diolch o Galon, thank you.

2 thoughts on “Templates to fill in 3 important Welsh Government consultations. Templedi i lenwi 3 ymgynghoriad pwysig gan Lywodraeth Cymru.

  1. already many have declared thier second homes as main residences,gifting other homes early..therefore avoiding double council tax..& now have ability to vote!!! get bins etc costing councils more..

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  2. We had someone on our community page asking for advice on how to do just that. Needless to say it got deleted! We do have a small percentage of 2nd home owner whose families have been coming for generations who lovely and are happy to pay the extra as they love the community and know they are in privileged position. They’ve watched the slow death of our village over the years like the locals, one lady stopped me in the street to say how much she supports the work we are doing.


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